Have you received EI within the last 5-years and are currently looking for a job in your field? Do you have Canadian work experience?

Then ROWA is for you!

  • Our team will help you find and maintain full-time meaningful employment.

Clients will receive 4 weeks of workplace preparation training which includes 100 hours of employability skill sessions that will cover various employment-related topics.

PLUS: Participants may qualify for up to $7,000 in funding to enroll in their desired career training course(s).

After the workplace preparation training, ROWA program will offer two streams of support:

  1. Transition to Employment Services – Employment Placement

Supports clients in preparing a resume targeted to their employment goals and assists marketing clients to prospective employers.

  1. Transition to Employment Services leading to Workplace Training (WPT)

With the client, we will determine the targeted industry and develop a plan to find an appropriate employer to host the client in Workplace Training (WPT).

Learn more – https://www.immigrant-education.ca/build-work-skills/return-to-work-alberta-rowa#googtrans(en%7Cen)