The Canadian Critical Drug Initiative (CCDI) is a nearly $200 million project led by API, in partnership with the University of Alberta, that will create an integrated research, commercialization, and manufacturing cluster in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. The CCDI will create significant advantages for the Canadian life sciences ecosystem – investment attraction, job creation, and keeping IP and talent local.

The CCDI will add much-needed capacity to produce and manufacture small molecule drugs, fortifying Canada’s health system and accelerating the growth of the life sciences industry.

Specifically, the CCDI will equip Alberta to:

  • Build out and equip a new 50,000+ ft² manufacturing facility that will produce critical drugs.
  • Upgrade the 72,000 ft² Biotechnology Business Development Centre (BBDC) to incubate more local companies in the scale-up stage.
  • Produce critical hospital drugs that are high-risk due to market challenges, creating a secure supply of drugs critical to Canadians’ health, and a facility that can be mobilized in the event of a crisis.
  • Propel innovations from researchers across Alberta that will provide life-saving drugs.
  • Create more than 350 jobs in Alberta.
  • Increase API’s ability to support more companies through all phases of drug development, from early drug discovery to clinical trials to manufacturing.

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