The Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (CCUVS), is a federally registered not for profit company (2007), located in Medicine Hat, AB whose purpose is to facilitate sustained, profitable growth in the Canadian civil and commercial unmanned systems sector. CCUVS is governed by a Board of Directors, drawn from across Canada, representing academia, industry and government and working primarily in the air unmanned systems environments. Head office staff members are based in Medicine Hat, Alberta.


Current Objectives


  • Expanding the knowledge and awareness of the general public across Canada in the unmanned systems sector.


  • Delivering launcher services to Canadian and international companies as a turnkey service available 12 months of the year around the globe.


  • Making available airspace for the training and development of the UAS technology sector both line of sight and soon to be developed beyond line of sight operating concepts.


  • Providing the best service to companies that require assistance in writing and submitting Special Flight Operating Certificates (SFOC’s) to Transport Canada


  • Encouraging both national and international investment in the Canadian unmanned systems sector.


  • Identifying national civil and commercial requirements in the unmanned systems sector and focusing on training and development for beyond line of sight UAS operations.


  • Developing test and evaluation capabilities, in line with growing market demand, which are optimized for unmanned systems.


• Marketing Canadian unmanned systems, facilities and services internationally

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