A rotating program between batches in Edmonton and Calgary, designed with the shared vision of strengthening Alberta as a global hub for tech innovation.

We designed this unique program in the region for local and global entrepreneurs to land and expand in the tech innovation ecosystem of the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor. The Alberta Accelerator program focuses on growth and scaling, and is a non-investment program.

Batch 6 of the program will welcome up to 20 startups, in Calgary, to get the opportunity to leverage our startup playbook, run rapid experiments to test the market, and learn funding best practices to scale in Alberta and beyond. in Alberta and beyond. Applications for Batch 6 in Calgary are now open, apply here!

Program Details

The Alberta Accelerator by 500 Mentor Training Program is a hybrid program, of both in-person and virtual opportunities designed to strengthen the coaching and mentoring skills of business leaders and subject-matter experts. By shadowing 500 Global’s world-class mentors, participants will learn effective ways to provide support and guidance to the next generation of startup founders and future leaders in Canada.

*If you are a RINSA client, please check in with your business advisors or Ecosystem Navigator prior to applying so we can help guide your application and check in with the accelerator program

Apply through the Alberta Accelerator by 500 Website: https://500.co/accelerators/alberta-accelerator#mentor-training-program