About Loan Applications

  • A sole proprietorship, an unincorporated business that is owned by one individual;
  • A for-profit small Canadian business federally/provincially/territorially incorporated in Canada that is controlled directly or indirectly by one or more resident persons;
  • A for-profit co-operative corporation incorporated under a federal, provincial or territorial co-operative Act, or;
  • A social enterprise that earns revenue from the regular supply of personal property/goods and services and meets the profitability and equity criteria above.
  • Not-for-profit organizations are not eligible for loans.

About the Business

  • Eligible businesses are those which are over 50% women-owned
  • A business plan, including cash flow forecasts for a minimum of two years is required for the business.
  • Maximum business revenues: up to $2 million in gross annual revenues

Learn more – https://weoc.ca/loan-eligibility/